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Useful Phone Apps for Your Trip to Vietnam

Best travel dating apps

Each word features an interactive puzzle with talking letters and a short animation illustrating the definition. You can stuff tons of reading content onto these things and carry more literature in your pocket than even a library could dream of. Firefox The biggest name in browsers besides Chrome is Firefox. They are openly looking for a foreign husband or boyfriend. Here are a few lists for Android games to get you started. When you make a purchase with your credit card, Acorns rounds it up to the nearest dollar and invests the change into a portfolio. Most people have heard of Skype, which can go a log way in getting other people to use the app.

Best travel dating apps

Our favorite is Blue Mail. Family Locator If you have kids, you know how important it is to keep track of their whereabouts. Create a grocery order with a few taps, from fresh fruit and vegetables, to meat, seafood and home essentials. The Firefox browser for Android has many of the same features of Chrome, but it also has handy extensions. If you really want to learn something, grab these apps. Kahoot turns your classroom into a game show. Most people have heard of Skype, which can go a log way in getting other people to use the app. You can see the reviews of other people as well. Vivino puts the expertise of over 12 million of those people at your fingertips. Untappd Untappd is like Foursquare for beer. Key Ring Is your wallet or purse full of loyalty, membership, or gift cards? GrubHub works with thousands of chains and local restaurants. Order food without ever talking to another human being. GrubHub The days of fishing through a phone book to find the number of your favorite pizza delivery place are long gone. You will be entertained. How do you lend someone a few bucks when you only have a credit card? Or do you forget to bring them when you go shopping? Personally, I'm not a big fan. I will start with the ones that work well everywhere, and then give you a few more that are specific to some countries. We have purposefully not included Google apps in this list. You can set up smart push notifications while enabling personalization across multiple email accounts. Keep track of the wines you loved and the wines you hated. This can make it a little tricky to pay people in person. Unlike most stock trading apps, Robinhood is beautifully designed and simple to use. Textra is an app that replaces the built-in SMS app on your phone.

Best travel dating apps

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    You can view menus, customize orders, add special instructions, and much more. Whether near, far — wherever you are — these apps will do exactly that.

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    The service has been around for a long time, and the library of content has gotten better throughout the years.

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    Firefox The biggest name in browsers besides Chrome is Firefox.

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    Personally, I'm not a big fan.

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