Video about bindingsource endedit not updating dataset:,Update,Delete

Bindingsource endedit not updating dataset

You can get a row of the table like this: ToString Also, I'm not sure yet that I have enough information. I've created some reports in Power BI desktop which were published to a client's account, I've since updated my reports and dataset in Power BI desktop and re-published but the changes are not taking effect in Power BI online. In xtraGrid I could not find a similar behaviour, we here get the question: When you save a new row from your Data Table to the database, you need to retrieve the final Auto Number value from the database back into the Data Table.

Bindingsource endedit not updating dataset

You have textboxes for coordinates that they can fill in, and then they have to specify a zone name for those coordinates, or they can select an existing zone. If they fill in the coordinates and specify a zone name, you are going to add it to the Zones dataset and listbox. Imagine having to edit a contact in a single row in Outlook for example, not fun and not very user friendly. Because you have a solution for this situation for the xtragrid component, i hoped that you can provide a workaround for this problem. Please check the attached example! I agree, this is more a bindingsource bug than an textedit problem. I want to save the content of a simple textedit editor via bindingsource. I have marked up your code, and will e-mail it back to you. Tables 0 , you can access the Zones table directly using dsZones. So I suppose that you know how to handle this problem, how to handle the bindingsource. Here are my assumptions about your design; feel free to correct me. Ted DevExpress Support In xtraGrid I could not find a similar behaviour, we here get the question: Your strongly typed dataset is called ZonesDataSet when defined, and dsZones is an instance of that, probably added to the form at design time. But in this simple szenario i see a changed dataset on the screen, but are not able to detect changes of the dataset, so if i would close the form checking for changes i would not detect these changes I see on the screen, the data would be lost and i would not be informed about this. Unfortunately the problem still exists. Basically the problem is your add isn't right, nor is your edit. If you use a strongly typed dataset, it defines pointers to the columns that are defined as datacolumn, and this is much faster: Please check the attached sample again to understand my problem. This question is about standard validation mechanism and it isn't directly related to our products. Does the Validating event meet your requirements? It would be much more timeconsuming to handle all possilbe dataerrors by own code, and simple changes in the structure of the database e. This should be set in Visual Studio as a default for everything you do. If the result is true, you can call the EndEdit method to save changes. If your Data Table still contains the temporary value though, any child rows you add to the Data Set will contain an invalid foreign key. Throws an error that Get Last Auto Number is not a member of We look forward to your feedback once you have had the opportunity to review the sample project.

Bindingsource endedit not updating dataset

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