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British hallmarks date letters

If you go to the Online Encyclopedia of Silver website and browse around a little in their American Silver section, I bet you will find your maker. The use of date letters began in September with the letter E, changing every July. However, after a very few number of items have been made in Britannia standard. You can also look around at local antique stores. Second, that the sponsor's mark shows who submitted the item for hallmarking, its purpose is not show who made an item.

British hallmarks date letters

This one is for the London Office. Town Marks Each assay office has its own unique office or town mark to show where the item was assayed. To facilitate this, the Assay Office requires that each registered person have a registered punch mark, called the "Sponsor's mark", which is unique to them. It is really pretty. Because the density of gold is so much greater than other metals the proportions by volume are smaller. Note the central position of the maker mark. Our couriers visit both cities daily. As an example consider the work of Paul de Lamerie, the most famous English silversmith of the eighteenth century. There is a reasonably priced pocket version available that shows the different shapes of most date gold and silver letter shields. They have some there Glasgow - a tree with a bird, a bell, and a fish with a ring in its mouth. Commemorative marks are added in both and The date letters used by the London Assay Office to indicate the hallmarking year ran in sequences of 20, starting at the letter "a" and running up to "u", omitting the letter "j". At first sight most English speakers would stumble on this word, but just imagine the j as an i and you are close to the correct pronunciation of "fee-yord" - it's not exactly the same because the j sound is slightly different to the i sound, but it gets you close. The shield shape is also changed for each cycle to make it even more unique. I can't find it in any of my books. If an article contains precious metals and is described as such, it must be hallmarked. Norwich used a letter date sequence A to V omitting J. A new mark of five lions passant on a cross was introduced in The same date letter was used on gold items, but the enclosing shield shape was different from that used on silver. The markings are as follows. The use of date letters began in September with the letter E, changing every July. The main style between the wars —39 is Art Deco, with its geometric forms and undecorated surfaces. The only date code i see with capital C with tear drop is ? This left the provincial assay offices in limbo.

British hallmarks date letters

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    Jackson reports the mark exception, where the corners are not chamfered. Have you looked up the marks at the Encyclopedia of Silver Marks website?

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    The effect stressed hallmarks is due to the reshaping of the spoon stem after hallmarking, to remediate the damage caused by this operation Walter Brind left - Jacob Marsh or John Moore center - Thomas Wallis right Hallmarks struck in circle as can be found underneath of tankards, mugs, coffee and tea pots. Our headquarters here at Guardian's Hall have been purpose-built to meet our needs, and those of our clients, exactly.

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    Below this is a leopard's head, which in this case is the "town mark" of the London Assay Office. Note the unusual position of the maker mark.

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