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Christian dating a mormon

I document that these are in fact Mormon beliefs on my site. I have known of cases where the Mormon church, despite all it's public rhetoric about the importance of family, has virtually forced the Mormon to get a divorce when the spouse did not prove "receptive" to the Mormon faith. One or both of you are not that "serious" about your faith. For instance, referring to the previous inhabitants of Canaan, God says, "Deut 7: Tell her to check out the original sources herself. Just Another Christian Denomination?

Christian dating a mormon

I want to help her. One advantage is that she believes in the Bible, but she is closely attached to the Book of Mormon and its church. If the person you are dating is a nominally committed Mormon, there will still be a desire for you to convert and undoubtedly requests for you to take the Mormon Missionary lessons as part of the conversion process. I understand if you don't have enough time to reply but in any case; Thanks for all the research material that you have provided It will help a bunch. I assure you that it did not fall on deaf ears; and your words didn't come across as harsh at all. The point is, there is no "compromise" between the true Christian faith and Mormonism. They will gladly say that all religions have some truth, but no other pastor, bishop, priest or spiritual leader has any spiritual authority except for the leaders of their Church. They will however, still hold some unique doctrinal beliefs that it would be good that you were aware of. What can I do? All that said, there are many verses in the OT forbidding the Jews from marrying worshippers of false gods. At worst, you could end up the one "converted" and deceived into Mormonism. She does not want to outright tell him his religion is a cult either. And the NT specifically says, "Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. Depending on how committed the Mormon person is to their church, you can expect varying degrees of insistence that you yourself become a Mormon. I have known of cases where the Mormon church, despite all it's public rhetoric about the importance of family, has virtually forced the Mormon to get a divorce when the spouse did not prove "receptive" to the Mormon faith. At best you will end up with many conflicts in your marriage and I haven't even mentioned the problems that will occur when kids arrive on the scene. I don't hate the person, I don't want him to be hurt, but at the same time, I want what's best for her. Just be cautious, "dating evangelism" can be dangerous. But I also know of cases where the non-Christian said he or she had been converted; but in reality was just saying that because the person realized it was the only way to stay with the Christian. You shall not give your daughter to their son, nor take their daughter for your son. If you try to gloss over them now, as I said, eventually, later she will come across these teachings and you will have to deal with them then. I know I might sound a little "harsh" in this e-mail. Because we love each other, and I know for certain that she desires to know the truth with a passion, we want to work out our religious differences and come to a common understanding of truth. She has told me she is not sure if it will last between them because of his belief. There's one problem, she's a Mormon and I'm Christian. According to their church leaders, the Mormon Church is the only right religion on the face of the earth.

Christian dating a mormon

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    But after they get married, one of them begins to get serious. By my capitalization, or lack thereof, you can tell my opinion on the matter.

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    She's always told me she chooses the wrong guys, and she hasn't given me a chance yet. But in time, the hypocrisy was exposed, generally with really heartbreaking consequences.

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    It is only by bringing this out now that you two can really look at and discuss the differences between Mormonism and Christianity.

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    And given these beliefs, it is clear that the Mormon god is not the God of the Bible. You might be able to evade the differences now but eventually they will start to haunt you.

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