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Voluntary Liquidation Process

Company liquidation south africa

There is nothing in our law that prohibits anybody from trading in another entity, so one can proceed with business as usual in a new entity. What are my obligations before during and after liquidation? More business can be generated, but keep in mind that, in that case, the income derived from business that was generated after the decision was made to stop trading, will go into the insolvent estate and cannot be used by the entity. Company Liquidation Process in South Africa How to Start the Company Liquidation Process in South Africa As an individual, you can only apply for voluntary sequestration in South Africa if you own immovable property or have other large assets that are not encumbered by debt, to ensure that there is enough benefit for the creditors. Who paid for the vehicle? Although both procedures will result in the dissolution of a company, however, the processes they require are significantly different: Our attorneys will explain in detail the entire liquidation process in South Africa and handle it on your behalf. The moment the company is placed under liquidation, a liquidator will be appointed to manage the process from there and realise all the assets of the entity.

Company liquidation south africa

However, if you own a business, you can apply for liquidation of the business, regardless of whether the business has any assets, and even if there is no benefit to the creditors. If the entity or the party who lodged the application believes that the entity must be liquidated, the matter will have to go to trial and the judge will have to make the decision. The affidavit details the debt of the business and gives a summary of the circumstances that led to the liquidation. But a word of caution — if you signed surety for the business on any debt, then you will be responsible for settling the debt if the business is unable to do so. Advertisement The liquidation process can be defined as the process in which a company voluntarily proceeds to declare itself as being insolvent or where a creditor of the company brings an application to court in order to have the company declared insolvent. We have specialist staff who will attend to either deregistering or liquidating your company, keeping you up to date every step of the way. A creditor can also apply for compulsory liquidation of the company. They are however if it is a hostile liquidation application against the Company , entitled to oppose the granting of the final order after the provisional order has been made The property of the company falls under the custody of the Master who then hands it to the Liquidators once they are appointed Sections and of the Companies Act come into play. An affidavit is drafted on your behalf and an authorised person makes the application for voluntary liquidation of the business entity. This means that you may also face sequestration and the potential loss of your home. The court will initially grant a provisional liquidation order which results in the company being given an opportunity to oppose the liquidation order. If a company is deregistered any interested person may apply to the Commission to reinstate the registration of the company. If there is opposition, the relevant party must submit an affidavit detailing the reasons for opposing the application and a trial may follow. Contact us for more info on Company Deregistration. The result of winding up a company, is that the affected company ceases to conduct any business and as a consequence thereof is being removed from the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission CIPC registration database. The benefit will be that the creditors can share in the proceeds of a property sale or that they can share in the cash that the individual pays in. Businesses are different and do not need to own assets or cash. If they have a nasty liquidator and his mandate will most probably be to aggressively test whether the entity is hiding assets , then you may be in for a nasty experience. Who paid the insurance premium on the vehicle? The provisional application court date is set and the application is brought by the applicant on a semi-urgent basis. Any creditor or other interested party who wants to oppose the application, must then do so before the return date. For this reason the entity does not have to own assets to be liquidated. This will be for payments to be made within a month period, commencing after the start of the winding up of the company, should it be required. The moment the company is placed under liquidation, a liquidator will be appointed to manage the process from there and realise all the assets of the entity. This is so because the law stipulates that the moment the liabilities of the business exceed its assets, the business is insolvent and must stop trading. The problem here is that in such an instance, you will not have time to register another business entity to keep on trading and thus save the jobs of your employees. Simply complete the enquiry form below and one of our consultants to contact you, to discuss the process and how we can provide assistance.

Company liquidation south africa

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