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Dating shiny brite ornaments

I've seen them on skis, with musical instruments, with books, with little lanterns - there seems to be no end to the variations. I wonder how many different ones were made; not just colors but designs too. Shiny Brite ornaments were created by American businessman Max Eckardt in The added expense of the lengthy hanging wire coupled with the diminishing need caused this feature to be discontinued in They usually to my knowledge came with a paper cap. In , Max Eckardt established Shiny Brite ornaments, working with the Corning Glass company to mass-produce glass Christmas ornaments. I love easy identification.

Dating shiny brite ornaments

Here's my question for all of you: This provided the "short" hanger. Since I don't have a very good answer to this question, I'm tossing it to Melissa , who describes herself as a certified ornament hoarder and volunteered to take any questions I couldn't answer. There are so many color combos, some with mica,. So, first off, look at the metal cap, because nine times out of ten, it will say Poland. Please read Barbara's original post where she asks me to respond to the question, "My question is, how many different Shiny Brites have you come across? If it's still pretty, it's probably fine. Corning successfully modified their glass ribbon machine used to make light bulbs to produce the ornaments. In fact, during the year , a local glass blower, Ludwig Muller-Uri invented the artificial glass human eye. I have tried to capture as much of my collection as possible. Shapes and age of the ornaments are other important factors avid collectibles look for. There are lots more photos of ornaments from Poland in this post. These are from Poland, too - there are Santas and skiers and women gathering pine, painted with just a few brushstrokes. They have skis on and ski poles in their hands. When looking for these holiday treasures, be careful of the newer replicas, and thoroughly check the ornaments for damage before purchasing them. When WWII began, metal and lacquer shortages followed; the ornaments manufactured during this period were usually clear or opaque and painted in pastel-colored stripes. Are they still desirable in that condition? The inside of the bulb was coated in silver nitrate giving the decorations a, well, bright and shiny look. Corning adapted their process for making light bulbs to making clear glass ornaments, which were then shipped to Eckardt's factories to be decorated by hand. Old Stuff, New Tricks Shiny Brite Ornaments Posted by thenewcollector in Collectibles , Holidays , Vintage and tagged with collectibles , decorations , Shiny Brite , Vintage Goodness December 7, When I was a kid, my parents being antique dealers always had a hodge podge of different antique decorations for the holidays. There are many more ornaments than I could ever photograph and show you. So this post has taken me awhile to compose. Bubbling and flaking paint usually from moisture , broken indents and chipped pikes necks are problems, though. Water is the worst thing in the world for glass ornaments. Starting with simple silver, the ornaments were eventually produced in a large variety of colors; classic red the most popular ornament color in the s , green, gold, and even pink and blue. Some of the caps to these ornaments are not original.

Dating shiny brite ornaments

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    When the war finally ended in , restrictions on metal receded. Please read Barbara's original post where she asks me to respond to the question, "My question is, how many different Shiny Brites have you come across?

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    Mid-century photo of Marilyn Monroe posing in the front of a decorated Christmas tree.

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    They usually to my knowledge came with a paper cap. Perhaps I'll write about properly identifying ornaments at a different time.

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