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Dating warners kidney bottles

No chips, cracks, stain or dings. Near mint condition with only minor base corner dog-earing. Hard to find a bottle in such great condition! Great lighter amber coloration! Near mint condition with a very small amount corner dog-earing. These are not bad, just mentioned for accuracy. I would still call this bottle "attic mint".

Dating warners kidney bottles

Warner's are getting harder to find! These are not bad, just mentioned for accuracy. The glass is full of whittle and air bubbles which adds character to this impressive window bottle. Very light orange amber glass. Near mint condition with a few rough spots on the edge of the card and a small piece of the right corner are missing. Orange amber glass, lighter in the shoulder area and dark in the base area. Near mint condition with a small crease on the left corner. Bottle is in super mint condition with no problems at all! A very nice, very crude glass Warner's bottle in a great color and with a great strike! Near mint condition, bottle does have chip on the corner near the base as seen in the 5th picture. A rare trade card to come by at any means! Near mint condition with only a couple of scratches on the back and a light scuff at the top of the safe. A few very light scratches on the back. A few traces of the paper label are still on the back. Crude glass has some light spots of haze. Hard to find a bottle in such great condition! Near mint condition with a very small corner dog-earing. For more information, or to purchase a bottle, please feel free to email me by clicking on the mail slot below. A good example of a hard to find double collar lip Warner's Nervine. You will not see many of these in such a light color! A very nice example of a Nervine. Glass is clean with no scratches, chips, cracks, dings or stain. No chips, cracks, scratches, stain or dings! Textured orange amber glass. Wow, you will not be disappointed. You will not see many of these in such a great color! The embossing on the safe is weak, but readable.

Dating warners kidney bottles

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  1. Shakazilkree Reply

    Very nice glass coloration with a massive amount of air bubbles!

  2. Goltikazahn Reply

    Good strong embossing strike. There is a nice big fold in the glass on the back that extends from the shoulder just shy of the base.

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