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Dog dating site india

Tindog works in a similar way to its human inspiration; you're shown a series of "profiles" or in this case a load of different dog photos and you swipe left if you're not interested and right if you like what you see. What started as a hobby, in a span of three years, became one of the leaders in the online pet market, offering its unique services like dog dating and matrimony. This is for Caesar, a month-old Lhasa Apso looking for a mate on Facebook. These guys all looked friendly and Nell appeared to like swimming, which Edie also enjoys. Had we gone too quirky with the photo? We didn't choose the right photo. While building a dog profile, the user has an option to make the dog available for dating. Later, Shailesh and Gaurav came on board. Stray dogs are also often beaten, herded into trucks, poisoned and dumped into pits by municipality health teams.

Dog dating site india

And anyway, it's only been a day, right? Were there no dogs online on a Friday morning? What if Rover wants to make some new dog buddies to chase sticks in the park with, or Fido wants to find that special someone with whom he can share long, tail-wagging beachside walks? Nigam, who owns a dog-grooming business, says a skewed sex ratio ensures females have the upper hand in the dog-meets-dog world. Mashable composite Edie wasn't sure about Tindog at first, but we eventually persuaded her to give it a go. Is Tindog just another dating site, where humans use their dogs as an icebreaker? There are plenty of places to go if you're feeling lonely and want to meet people, but what if it's your dog that's feeling lonely? We believe this is the most scalable business model," he says. There are more male dogs than female ones. Everyone's gone barking mad for this paw-some new app. There is still a long way to go," he adds. She adds that checking temperamental and behavioural compatibility is essential. A dashboard provided to every user account makes managing the listing easier. Sukhadwala and co-promoter Robina Gupta dedicated the website to Rocky and now help nearly 5, registered members find a canine companion for their pets. The owners, of course, are beaming with pride. Surely one of them would want to make friends? We didn't choose the right photo. You can visit the website at www. Dogs are on Facebook. There are websites like doggiesmatch. Pet ownership has boomed in India, thanks to its growing ranks of wealthy, middle and upper class professionals who are also driving sales of luxury goods. While Dogshaadi has its own network of breeders with stud dogs that they trust and recommend, Doggiemonials maintains a strict no-breeder policy. First, we had to sign up. The website doesn't really commit to either finding friends for your dog and meeting fellow owners are two different options advertised , so you can probably use it for whatever you like — the only downside is you might occasionally get your wires crossed with other owners out there. The site commands 17, unique hits every day and has 12, registered users, according to Google Analytics, the most widely used website statistics service. We believe in healthy competition, because that only helps us innovate and also expand the market.

Dog dating site india

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    Just like human dating sites, dog owners can upload photos, blog, search for the perfect match and set up dates.

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    We also have regular meetings with dog enthusiasts at various events and have a feedback system in place where we let these people know once we bring a solution for them," he says.

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    In a last-ditch, desperate effort, we took to the streets. Thanks to DogSpot, a Delhi-based web portal, owners can now upload a profile of their canines and search for the ideal partner for their pets.

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    Since its inception, Doggiemonials claims to have received an average of 10 such requests per day. When two unfamiliar dogs interact in close quarters, there are several issues that need addressing.

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    Other users can browse by breed and select the dogs available," he says.

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