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The Maid in Singapore

Filipina in singapore dating

We would go on Skype every single night and text on Watsapp every time we had the opportunity even if he was doing his National Service and even if he was on a business trip overseas. She never even wanted the apple. He had gone shopping at Mustafa Centre and his arms were laden with goodies for his loved ones back home. Due to unnecessary pressure and stress at work we always fight. I loved him, and I never wanted to put his dreams on hold and to prolong his agony traveling miles every other week and waiting for something or someone remotely uncertain. Being in a bus for six hours or in a plane for less than an hour was nothing for him.

Filipina in singapore dating

It is unclear what exactly transpired during the meeting but ST sources revealed that the maids were debating a total boycott of Bangladeshi boyfriends in Singapore. In the following weeks he would travel to and from Malaysia. It is not difficult to see why. Until the night before we fly he wanted to meet me. May , my mother-in-law requested to bring the kids to celebrate her birthday in Australia. You must absolutely believe what you read. He is a womaniser, abusive and a gambler. I am a Filipina, married to a Singaporean. They give the foreign workers money and shower them with gifts. For two years he welcomed me to his world. He had gone shopping at Mustafa Centre and his arms were laden with goodies for his loved ones back home. Having his parents as investors they ask for my help. He loves tropical beaches, surfing, hiking, the outdoors, yoga, adventure sports and motorbikes. After that night I told him with a clear mind that I said that because I wanted to find out if our Family is important for him. Filipino breakfast — Adobo — Lots of meat, marinated in vinegar, soy sauce and garlic…with rice! I have all the evidences. I hated it when he spent hours playing Dota and watching Dota videos on YouTube, and he despised it whenever I checked my Instagram or Facebook account every now and then. I checked cctv and confirm that he was drinking with a girl until 8 in the morning and the girl was very drunk. We had fun planning our trips as it brought out the obsessive-compulsiveness in us. After all the struggles and sufferings I have gone through. I was able to add some feelings to his once heartless views, as he was able to sprinkle his no-nonsense attitude on my carefree thoughts. In the end, I decided to be fair to him and let him go. We would spend our usual weeknight chat on Skype with him chiding me for my lack of determination, for my poor decision-making skills, for being content with my life in Malaysia, for being a slacker, and, worst, for being a carefree Filipino. Because of his gambling he will always take money from the cash sales of his company. He is so desperate about money that he needs his parents to invest into his new restauarant previous one has closed down.

Filipina in singapore dating

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