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Kenworth radio updating channels

Volume above 13 will be stored for the next call. Press to view the artists on the iPod. Use the following controls to play the iPod: When the connected device was not connected as mass storage device. Pairing a Bluetooth Device and Connecting a Device. Rotate the knob clockwise to increase the Middle and counterclockwise to decrease it. Select a playlist to start playing the first track in the current selected playlist. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Do not apply labels to discs.

Kenworth radio updating channels

For MP3 Files In this mode the folders are shown first and at the end the tracks of that folder. Select Album to view songs. Category Search Mode Disabled means that all channels are searched. The frequency stored at the preset location is tuned when the button is released. Long press to SCAN the whole device starting on track1. There are not any playable files in the iPod. The radio can retrieve the last calls and contact information from the device Hands Free profile must be available in the device and in some cases the action must be accepted by the user Connecting a Device Deleting one or all Devices If your device was previously paired, you can simply connect to the device: Focus your attention on driving. SCAN To use an external device simply connect the device via the auxiliary input jack and select it using the source button. To load a disc: Turn your receiver on and off 3. Press to view the podcasts on the iPod. The following guidelines must be met when creating MP3 files; otherwise the files might not play: Select an artist to view albums or All Albums to view all albums of that genre. With the vehicle on, insert a disc into the slot, label side up. Select Artist to view albums. To exit this mode and return to the original presets execute any of the following actions: Press to Change Source Display Views. Microphone Mute If a call is in progress, press the radio Phone button for more than 3 seconds to transfer the call to the cell phone for private conversations. In this discoverable mode, the Bluetooth status icon will blink for up to 3 minutes. Press the Phone button for more than 3 seconds The Bluetooth Menu will be shown. The radio will download the following phone numbers from each contact if available: Select a podcast name to begin playback. To use this functionality your device requires Bluetooth and to be paired and connected to the radio. Some devices will disconnect Bluetooth when a transfer is performed.

Kenworth radio updating channels

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    These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This function will only be shown if the cell phone supports this feature.

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    Select a folder to view the list of all songs in that folder. Play a CD 7.

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    When the alarm is triggered, to cancel the alarm, short press the preset 3 button.

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