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BTS Dating Rumor Compilation (2018)

Kpop dating rumors list

After the secret date snaps were published by Dispatch, SM quickly confirmed the details. Chen apparently did date the girl from apink that he was rumoured with. They even got notes of encouragement from them. They also claim they are a nice couple to observe. The fact that they were spotted exercising also didn't help matters. He was in a serious relationship with an ex-gf rumored to be named "K.

Kpop dating rumors list

Last April, it was made official that he left Beast to pursue a solo career. Minegishi then shaved her head and uploaded a tearful apology online, which made news headlines around the world. Um, does this mean there will be more Chinese promotion? Many think it's Simon D Yeri: What is that supposed to imply? Suzy and Lee Minho has been meeting up since at latest september last year. They met in for an ad, and after pictures were leaked for Kim visiting the military base to deliver snacks for her lover, the two confirmed their relationship. This year is their make or break year, so fx fans have better buy their album lol. I remember she kept talking about how lonely she was during that same year. They met Kpop dating rumors academy where they would practice together. The fact that she's long been a fan of Junsu made the story even sweeter. Shisus it better have John Park or I will throw something Seohyun has a boyfriend, probably will be announced before their comeback for mediaplay. Meh Most korean male idols smoke, including exo, so if your bias gets called out for smoking, dont be surprised. Wei Qian Ya his friend from high school but rumors were later proven to be false Kris: Aside from the Chinese members? Their dates often make headlines. Though many K-pop fans are happy for the two, there are many others who wish Hyunseung ended up with someone of their preference. Whether SM had anything to do with this is unclear. However, with the departure of the members last year, he broke up with her. The pair began dating in and went public the year after much speculation. Kim Joon Hyung C? There have been no sightings of the pair together in a little while, but with these 2, you never know XD 6. Considering how he said he was close with Jisung still, why not? Her name was "Jenny" but relationship only lasted 20 days. The rest is history.

Kpop dating rumors list

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