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Martin Shenandoah D12-2832. C.F. Martin Guitars Serial Number is 491653

Martin guitars serial number dating

Previously Martin headstocks had all been slotted with tuners attached to the side mounted on a single plate for three tuners. The bottom bout was reshaped slightly to match the new shape of the upper bout note when the went to 14 frets in it retained this initial OM body shape. The higher the style number, the more fancy and collectible the instrument. Also the "D" is sometimes confused for an "0". Instead they used a Staring in , Martin has been undergoing many changes with numerous reissues, new models, limited editions, etc. They have great workmanship, but small bodies designed for gut strings only.

Martin guitars serial number dating

No single-unit guitar tuners were available, so banjo pegs were a natural. Back to Table of Contents Introduction and Collectibility. Instead they used a High string action is the result, making the guitar very difficult to play. Uke size with 8 strings: Prior to this, guitars of the original to series have been documented. A letter can follow the style number too, giving some additional info about the instrument. On round hole martin guitars, the serial and model numbers are stamped on the neck block inside the instrument. These serial number apply to all Martin guitars, flat top and arch top. The number can be seen by looking inside the sound hole. They sold, but not as well as Martin had hoped. Martin flat top guitars were made in various sizes. Note this list for the most part does not go past All measurements are in inches. OMs have a wide but thin backshaped V-shape which is very comfortable. To do these, the headstock had to be made solid, instead of slotted. Around Martin made some Ukes for this company, but no guitars. Starting in October , Martin also stamped the model number just above the serial number. Rosewood models of Brazilian rosewood are most collectible from this era. Just these are the years recorded by Martin in their ledgers. Made only during the s. Ukuleles do not have serial numbers. The 27" scale would retain the fret spacing of the plectrum banjo, and 15 frets clear of the body would closely resemble the length of a banjo neck. These are similar to the standard Martin models, but have simple soundhole rings and a 20 fret fingerboard instead of This particular model has nice Brazilian rosewood.

Martin guitars serial number dating

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    The joining of a long-scale

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    Modifications any modifications , are a bad thing in the eyes of a collector.

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    Because of this, any models other than flat tops such as Martin's archtops and electrics are not very collectible. Martin also made some archtop models during the s.

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    Flat tops from to present are considered to be excellent utility instruments, but are not collectible.

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    Martin began with a size guitar, which had 12 frets clear of the body.

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