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Halo MCC Update Flight 1 Results! Players Love New MCC Matchmaking!

Master chief collection matchmaking update

Checking In Industries talks progress on Halo: The Master Chief Collection was quite a big deal when it came in The tests were a success and some of the main takeaway points are listed below. However, for this flight, the dedicated servers weren't quite fully ready for prime time and we still needed to validate and test peer-to-peer networking. The conversation Bonnie and I had during the live stream also ushered in the beginning new era for the studio as a whole in terms of how we want to engage and interact with our community. So making it feel cohesive, thematic, and not confusing to the player in the process is a challenge.

Master chief collection matchmaking update

When MCC shipped originally, with all of its different MP engines, each individual game required a separate, individual server deployment. Classic Controls - Sean managed to squeeze in a few fixes addressing some MCC-era Halo 2 control scheme inconsistencies. The game time will be set to 5 minutes to facilitate more matches to stress the matchmaking itself. So what do these new changes mean? Anniversary, along with Halo: We'll continue to keep you updated on release timing targets as the team continues to make progress. This is ongoing but eventually is an area where the team will definitely want community feedback once this work hits a public flight build. This gives the title and us a lot more control over party management. Over time, we will absolutely be expanding our flight participant audience to include more and more players and remain committed to ensuring that eventually, everyone who wants to participate is given the opportunity. Though there isn't much in the way of specific details, Jeremy Cook, art director for the project, says to expect higher fidelity and clarity by the time things are finished. The main problem Halo: How can I improve my odds of being selected for the first flight? This is a partnership built on two-way communication and throughout this project you can expect regular updates straight from the trenches with an open, honest look at the successes and challenges of a project as ambitious and complicated as MCC. How do you like the refreshed splash screen and main menu? We'll be watching very closely - while our internal testing has already shown great improvements in these matchmaking areas, it is possible that if we don't get enough people playing to hit our concurrency targets, participants may actually feel like matchmaking is actually slower than it is in the current retail product. Spawning — Sean has been working on adjustments to restore the Halo 2 spawning code back to how it worked in the original game. While work is progressing, it feels as if it will be some time before players start to see any large-scale changes rolled out to The Master Chief Collection. What exactly does this mean? Well, for each flight, the number of participants and criteria used to build out the roster will likely vary depending on the specific needs and goals of the flight. The team is also planning to add a custom game browser to The Master Chief Collection. For the first time ever, The Master Chief's entire story was available on one console. We are getting very close. In a recent blog post, the developer talks a bit about some of the upcoming content updates. Show-and-Tell Lastly, to end things with some eye candy, I present to you some brand new work-in-progress screens from the MCC update project. Still, fixes and improvements, not to mention visual treats for Xbox One X owners, will be welcome after the game's rough ride thus far.

Master chief collection matchmaking update

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