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Cancer Woman Scorpio Man Compatibility

Scorpio dating a cancer man

This man is driving me crazy he looks smiles waves at me all the time then seems moody I k now he wants me but I also know he wont come near because I am married any cancers out there with advice? On a side note, he did tell me that he always wanted to ask me out in school and I was that girl that he always looked at and wished that he could be with At least that's what I'm hoping with this Cancer man. I have never actually come in contact with one before, and usually when I go out with my girlfriends we meet guys all the time, but rarely do I find one that's not boring and eventually, unbearable. I didn't call him much I kept him as a friend with no type of benefits but friendship. We moved in together but he lasted 2. I am a Scorpio woman and I am married to a Cancer man. Both of us are typically emotionally guarded and yet when we're around one another we seem to heal through touch, however slight or intimate, and let our walls down.

Scorpio dating a cancer man

I have yet to be with anyone else because I know no one would make me feel the same. Interests Given that Cancer and Scorpio are water signs, both naturally gravitate towards the sea. We had a argument as if we have been dating for years the other day. Until then, I will keep reading the great stories To the woman that is married to the Gemini husband but madly in love with the Cancer guy, please do what is right. This website is great, most posts express exactly how Im feeling. Cancer and Scorpio share a unique bond that is as old as the universe itself. I was never so much perplexed in my life but he has actually made me confused. I am a Cancer man. Immediate sexual chemistry, intimacy and closeness mixed with lip biting intensity in the bedroom; a good balance of adoration and feisty sexual desires. They love to chat about everything. I adore him, and there's something magnetic that I can't deny no matter how far my self-defense mechanisms want to push him away, my heart wants to stick it out and reap the rewards. They are good with change and go with the flow. He will care for you but at the end of the day words are just words and if he comes with actions then is that not better then chatting shit. I know I love him deeply but cant understand his feelings. My woman seems to have similar problems.. I met a Cancer man and it was love at first sight. He makes love to me and has this way of looking into my eyes and holding me that makes me believe he cares very deeply about me. Too much insecurity and I get tired of reassuring him all the time. I really love him I do but am thinking about giving him a break. We examine why it happened, looking for the motive why would you say it first, before taking it at the face value, we basically over think everything!!!! I am a Cancer man that is currently falling for a Scorpio woman Do you think it's time to back off and let him hit the voicemail for awhile? Cancer men are very moody and on and off with there love. I want to be showered with affection yet too much clinging makes me feel suffocated. I am a Scorpio woman and when I met my Cancer man there was an undeniable mutual attraction.

Scorpio dating a cancer man

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    We broke up due to his endless friendships with the opposite sex. Swimming, surfing, fishing and being on the beach are shared areas of interest.

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