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Self validating asp net text box

One definite improvement would be to add client side scripting so that all validation doesn't happen on the server. To develop the same type of functionality in the past, a developer had to sometimes go to extreme JavaScript-coding measures. It can be used for password verification fields, for example. Begin by defining a base ValidatingTextBox class, which handles the validation logic as well as the undo logic when a user enters invalid characters. You can use inheritance to build an entire family of self-validating controls that go far beyond restricting input to the characters 0 through 9. NET, I want more. Extend the Control The source code for this article includes two specialized validating controls based on the ValidatingTextBox class.

Self validating asp net text box

This property allows the base form to either assign the value to the control or ignore the control. Next, add a new class named ValidatingTextBox to the project. Validation The main focus of the SVT control initially was the validation aspect. You can maintain and upgrade the validation process more easily because the implementation exists in only one location. The TextChanged method then undoes the entered text and moves the cursor to where it was when the user typed the offending character. RequiredFieldValidator Checks that the user has entered or selected anything. Let's refine our previous definition a little: This property can only be set at run time. Check the SelfPopulate property. This, however, is where the SVT control differs. This functionality makes use of the BizO object, and allows for very minimal code to be written while still providing fully featured forms. If not specified, it is considered to have the value of String. These base forms were modified to include OK, Cancel, and Apply functionality. NET page is even. To develop the same type of functionality in the past, a developer had to sometimes go to extreme JavaScript-coding measures. NET saves coding time. I will program those into the control, based on what type of data it should expect. Take a look at what these expressions represent see Table 1. This immediate feedback makes it much easier to correct bad input. Showing a Bulleted List of Errors You can use the ValidationSummary server control in a number of ways, but the example in Listing 17 shows you how to use it in a simple manner. Unfortunately, this procedure gives no architectural guidance beyond allowing your form to decide whether the particular input is valid. Microsoft Foundation Classes MFC includes these types of TextBox controls, such as the Edit control, but the MFC numerical Edit control takes the simplistic and less useful interpretation of this requirement to mean that you can enter only the characters 0 through 9 into the textbox. It's fired when a user enters invalid characters. I wanted everyone to see an example of how this is done, in case you are looking for the same kind of thing. This enables you to prevent the control from being used directly; the control is designed to be used solely as a foundation for the specialized controls such as the NumericalTextBox.

Self validating asp net text box

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    I want my IntegerTextBox to set the range of valid values, but still we can allow for blanks.

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    The Solution—Overview The validator controls are the main elements of the solution. The user id must contain alpha characters and must not already be in use.

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    In order to use validators effectively, it helps to have a firm definition of what they are. An object model is exposed on the client to allow enhancement of client-side validation and behavior.

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    For an example of this, see Listing

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    I created two private fields to hold the state and the error message, if there is one.

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