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What do Men Really Think? Love and Sex after 50

Sex in your 50s

Much of this conversation involves: But all too often, age-related physical or emotional changes can lead to disharmony or disinterest in the bedroom. I'm amazed by the amount of men who write dirty, and who write dirty well. Erection issues Most men suffer from erection problems at some point in their lives, but getting older can make it more difficult to get and sustain an erection on a regular basis. What better excuse is there than that? It's said women find increased sexual pleasure after menopause and even experience more frequent or more intense orgasms.

Sex in your 50s

Whenever I read articles complaining about sexually self-centered men who don't seem to notice if their partners are unsatisfied, I wonder: People in good health with a decent level of fitness are nearly twice as likely to be interested in sex as they grow older, and also more likely to report having a satisfying sex life, according to a study by the University of Chicago. And a lot of this dirty writing involves: Much of this conversation involves: Part of this shift, I think, is that men collaborate more with the women they sleep with, instead of leaving a woman's needs and satisfaction totally up to her. Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Having satisfying sex is an important part of life no matter how old you are. What is the most pleasurable? And if people are more adventurous than they were a few decades earlier, why is that? Teaming up like this and spending more time together will have the benefit of increasing intimacy and lifting mood. The rest have been wonderful lovers, at least in terms of reciprocity. There were a few positions, a smattering of dirty talk, and little to no meaningful conversation about needs and fantasies. Things that that no partner appeared inclined to do. Especially with younger men. But one way to combat that is to increase the levels of foreplay, masturbation and exercise. Another thing that has surprised me about men is what they bring to an encounter: We agreed to meet, and as we were figuring out the logistics, he asked me what type of intimate grooming I preferred: I can think of only one all-about-him partner I've had since I've been divorced, whose only question begged an enthusiastic answer about the size of his manhood. In your 50s you've paid your dues working all the hours of the week and weekend for most building up your career and now there's time to sit back and relax. Like us on Facebook. Boost your lubrication Talk to your doctor, because menopause treatments — including HRT hormone replacement therapy — will help improve dryness. This is the fetish you should try during sex, according to your star sign Problem: Pelvic floor exercise for men: These are just some of the ways I've found sex to be different, and more rewarding, now that I'm older -- now that I've entered an age when I'm "supposed" to be too old to be interested in sex. Relish in the home you've made and build it up as yours and your partner's, once again. When I was in college, I had a few gay friends.

Sex in your 50s

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    There wasn't support for the coming-out process back then -- or for same-sex preferences at all -- so I imagine that declaring one's attraction to both genders was not something people were inclined to do unless they absolutely had to. But for the most part, it seemed that people were either gay or straight, and most of them were straight.

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    When you hit your 50s you've had five long decades to come to terms with how you look, feel and what's been in your past.

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    Hold for 10 seconds then relax.

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