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Speed dating in the classroom

Use of any content without permission is strictly prohibited. Each pair turned in a list of three-five questions ranked by their specific interests. Members of the first team should be given a number e. Across the country and throughout our great state, classrooms are transforming in an effort to engage students in meaningful learning. As a secondary social studies teacher, I had to become extra creative in order to find ways to make learning historical content and skills fun and exciting. The individual can then choose a winner, or the class could vote instead. Acting in role adds an extra layer of interest to the proceedings. Active Learning in Higher Education, 11 Once the students are in the room, divide the class into two groups.

Speed dating in the classroom

In reflecting upon their feedback, I had an epiphany: It is important to pay attention to time during the activity. Ten proposals for action. Outcomes of such an activity include: This is explained with 24 students, and 12 different people being showcased. Together, the duo is assigned a person during the Progressive Era that was either a muckraker or reformer. We end up with the same speakers sharing their strongly held opinions while the rest of the class sits with glazed eyes. As students listened and rotated through the stations, they filled out their matrix highlighting what the historical person was most known for and the problems they sought to address. Then you can decide whether you want to pursue that person… or not! Others though need to be tailored to the particular topic: This sharing can be done in class or in a written format, which can be compiled and distributed to the entire class. Now, they must decide which historical figure they would want to meet up with for a second date or meeting based on their dating profiles. One student remarked that she felt they were getting a special backstage pass to connect with professionals in their field. By enabling students to consider or research one area in depth, and then exchange their knowledge against the clock with classmates, it is an efficient means of sharing ideas and knowledge. They loved the panel but wanted to have time to ask more questions and hear more from each person than time allowed. If you have students in groups, some will dominate and some will play wall flower. Planning the event requires thought and organization. It takes some careful planning to ensure that they groups rotate accordingly. Most important is to leave time for reflection for the students. Steps for using the method in class: We have gone 1: I encourage you to try this in your own classroom! Speed Dating The great thing about this activity is that it allows your students to explore a large amount of content in a 45 or minute class period and can be used in any subject area. First, I created an overview sheet that explained the concept to my students and included a graphic organizer for them to fill out to give them some accountability. This process can be repeated over several rounds, and then a fresh question can be posed once all perspectives on the first one appear to have been absorbed. By doing so, all 12 historical people will be showcased to all 24 students.

Speed dating in the classroom

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    Exchanging factual information It works particularly well for topics where there are lots of key personalities to learn about:

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    Example from History of Anything project Have the students switch times depending on the desired outcome of the activity. Use of any content without permission is strictly prohibited.

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    I absolutely loved the way this turned out.

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    Each student has a short amount of time to formulate their response to the question, and then students are paired up to exchange their ideas. There is a small amount of prep that goes into this.

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    Then, create an opportunity for each student, or pair of students, to share what they learned with the rest of the class.

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