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Speed dating the reformers

What criticism of American society did the individual have? Overwhelmingly my students indicated the activity was "fun" and yet actually allowed them to get to know a wide range of reformers from the Progressive Era. These assignments of reformers can be made immediately at the beginning of class on "Day One". On the biography sheet, they answer these questions: I participate in a private Facebook based professional learning community and learned about this strategy in this forum. They then have a couple of days to research their character. Questions to answer in your biography and speed dating discussion. If students have access to computers, tablets, or smart phones provided by the school or through a BYOD policy then students could have access to the internet for researching the assigned reformer.

Speed dating the reformers

Create a free website. Anthony, Alice Paul, and Jane Addams. Repeat as often as possible but still leaving students approximately 5 to 6 minutes at the end of class to complete the final three reflection items at the bottom of the Chat Log Sheet. The rotation process I was following ended up having pairs of students revisit each other prior to each student having visited all of the others. Some "complained" that the limited amount of time made them feel rushed but realized that the rapid nature of the moment forced them to both listen better to their partners and to focus on the most important elements of their own assigned reformer. Following a couple of minor reassignment of seats the rotation process continued without a hitch and repeat visits did not happen. Ideally, students will have independently read the appropriate textbook passages relevant to the various reformers of the Progressive Era. These assignments of reformers can be made immediately at the beginning of class on "Day One". Use your notes from the textbook and online credible resources to research. Credits Progressive Era Reformer Speed Dating You have been assigned to assume the character of an early twentieth century progressive. Evaluate the contributions of muckrakers including Ida Tarbell and Upton Sinclair that changed government policies regarding child labor, working conditions, and the Sherman Antitrust Act. She has some wonderful posts over at her blog: DuBois, and Marcus Garvey in response to rising racial tensions, and the use of poll taxes and literacy tests to disenfranchise blacks and poor whites. New religious denominations spread across the country, and utopians tried to build perfect societies. What methods did the person use to improve American life? My favorite lesson, or at least one that I really enjoyed using, from this past school year used a "Speed Dating" conversational format through which my AP United States students taught each other about an individual from the Progressive Era reform movements of the s to s. Each student will complete this guide during one 55 minute class period; if additional time is need students may complete the remainder of the guide as homework that night. There are a lot of people that students need to know. Nothing after is to be included. What success did the individual have in promoting reform? This period is a perfect period for speed dating, an activity I picked up from the AP U. Students may use their personal copies of the Reformers Research Guide to reference during each "date". Among the spectrum topics were: I'm sure creative teachers within other disciplines can find a relevant use for this type of activity within their classes. They then have a couple of days to research their character. What criticism of American society did the individual have?

Speed dating the reformers

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    Give each student one copy of the Reformers Research Guide.

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    Prior to students arriving, arrange classroom desks so that they are in clearly defined pairs.

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    She has some wonderful posts over at her blog: In the late s and the early years of the 20th century, journalists and Progressive reformers — largely urban and middle class, and often female — worked to reform existing social and political institutions at the local, state, and federal levels by creating new organizations aimed at addressing social problems associated with an industrial society Key Concept 7.

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