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Stock Options Backdating - The Scandal Continues

Stock options backdating scandal

Backdating can be hard to identify. First, if a day look-back period is used when backdating options, the stock price on the purported grant date will not necessarily be at a low for the period centered on this date, and there are likely to have been many other prices during the year that were significantly lower. Unfortunately, these conditions are rarely met, making backdating of grants illegal in most cases. Thus, such news announcements do not necessarily imply spring-loading. For example, there is evidence that exercises of options in which the acquired shares are i not sold have been backdated to low prices to minimize personal taxes and ii sold to the company have been backdated to high prices to maximize the proceeds from the share sales. The study, published in , identified a strange pattern of extremely profitable option grants, seemingly perfectly timed to coincide with dates on which the shares were trading at a low. Many of the companies involved have opened internal investigations, while others are restating results, which can mean a big hit to profits.

Stock options backdating scandal

Instead, she decided to risk criminal prosecution by blowing the whistle. The collective evidence suggests that these practices play a minor role in explaining the aggregate stock returns around grants. Tomasetta and two other top executives on administrative leave and might restate three years of financial results. Any remaining pattern is concentrated on the couple of days between the reported grant date and the filing date when backdating still might work , and for longer periods for the minority of grants that violate the two-day reporting requirements. Therefore, any criminal prosecution is likely to be based on option grants made before Sarbanes-Oxley took effect, and the deadline facing the government for bringing those prosecutions has already passed. If a company backdated its stock options, but failed to recognize a compensation expense, then the company's accounting may not be correct, and its quarterly and annual financial reports to investors may be misleading. Federal prosecutors and the Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating whether companies "backdated" or otherwise manipulated the dates they granted stock options to make them more lucrative. Heinen for their alleged roles in backdating Apple options. A Scandal Comes to Light A series of academic studies was responsible for bringing the backdating scandal to light. Backdating is properly reflected in earnings. Apple shares slipped after the company announced its internal investigation in June but have since recovered. In the early s, new accounting provisions were enacted that required companies to report their option grants within two days of their issue and also required that all stock options be listed as expenses. What happens to companies that are caught backdating? Companies need to act effectively according to the results of their investigations and put procedures in place to make sure it doesn't happen again, he added. A series of two follow-up studies by professors elsewhere suggested that the uncanny ability to time options grants could only have happened if the granters knew the prices in advance. With over 4 hours of video content and interactive exercises, you'll learn the fundamentals of options trading and how to employ effective strategies within the options market. From a consumer's perspective, customers rely on companies to provide goods and services. However, among the minority of grants that are filed late i. Performance-based compensation, on the other hand, was deductible. A business run without integrity is a scary proposition. Come clean, and do it early. Under APB 25, the accounting rule that was in effect until , firms did not have to expense options at all unless they were in-the-money. This made me think about the possibility that some of the grants had been backdated. Backdating is properly reflected in taxes. A WSJ article published on May 5, available here summarized some of these events and discussed some of the effects on shareholders' value. With the list of companies hit by the options saga growing - and Lie expects the number of companies involved to grow to at least a couple of hundred - it's a good idea to get ahead of an investigation. The more open a company is about the situation, the more information investors have to evaluate whether any backdating that occurred was the work of a few isolated individuals at the company or is more widespread, or even was done with the knowledge of senior management, according to John Mutch, founder of the shareholder activist hedge fund MV Advisors.

Stock options backdating scandal

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    Tomasetta and two other top executives on administrative leave and might restate three years of financial results. Because the option value is higher if the exercise price is lower, executives prefer to be granted options when the stock price is at its lowest.

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    Because the company was unable to restate the earning to account for the option backdating in a timely manner and delayed other filings of earnings with the SEC, its shares were delisted in the beginning of Second, companies sometimes have a mix of option plans, some of which might dictate the grants to be scheduled in advance, in which case the overall evidence of backdating will be murky.

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    For several years, Micrel allowed its employees to choose the lowest price for the stock within 30 days of receiving the options. We have also learnt about other transactions that have been backdated.

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    Some firms have been linked to the stock options scandal, from blue-chip companies like Home Depot Charts and Apple Computer to a slew of smaller tech firms.

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    Unless corporate insiders can predict short-term movements in the stock market, my results provided further evidence in support of the backdating explanation.

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