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The radiological dating of injuries

To that end, we are prepared to fully, truthfully and confidently state our professional opinion, whether in an AOI report, formal or informal deposition, or in the courtroom. Accidental injury Accidental injury is by far the most prevalent mimic of NAI[20]. Archives of Disease in Childhood ; 91 3: Brain parenchymal injuries therefore present more clearly on MRI. The images were reviewed by Radiologists and findings were documented.

The radiological dating of injuries

Are we willing to become involved in legal proceedings? The AOI report is an opinion of a board certified radiologist, given initially as a non testifying expert consultation. MRI is also used to date haemorrhages by detecting blood products in the accumulations[16]. This study has several necessary limitations, some of which have already been discussed. The USS Reagan was part of the operation "Tomodachi" to deliver essential supplies to devastated communities in the wake of the Tsunami on March 11, This unusual association formed the foundation to the SBS first coined by Caffey. Non-accidental injury in the young infant. A total of patients were recruited into the study out of which In a smaller study of 20 children with accidental and nonaccidental injuries, some hyperdensity was present in the SDH on all CT scans performed within 1 week postinjury but not on scans performed after Day Our radiologists are specifically trained so that we can reduce that small variability even further. Scapular, spinous process and sternal fractures are highly specific for NAI as they are difficult to break[12, 15, 16]. However, growth plates will not exhibit differential motion. Will this be helpful? The study population included adult patients referred for investigations at the radiology department following involvement in motorcycle crashes. This study highlights the burden of MCRI in our environment from a radiological perspective. Although MRI may potentially allow a more accurate means of timing SDH, the limitations of the present study do not allow us to draw firm conclusions at this point. Abdominal ultrasonography may be utilised to detect visceral injuries and free fluid[16] but is still mostly inferior to abdominal CT. Birth trauma and cardiopulmonary resuscitation may sometimes cause rib fractures but this case is relatively rare[18]. Yes, we believe a comprehensive solution is best. Therefore, combining the 2 studies, and after a thorough review of the literature, we cannot find a single infant who has acutely suffered significant neurological deterioration, coma, or death from rebleeding into a preexisting SDH as proposed by Uscinski. Trauma is one of the major clinical indications for radiological investigation, and this often comes to the fore during hospital care of patients involved in motorcycle crashes. Motorcycle riders were 74 Conclusion Radiology is key to effective management of child abuse cases. The severity of child abuse and non-accidental head injury NAHI is stark. During the early subacute phase 7—13 days blood becomes hyperintense on T1-weighted images and hypointense on T2-weighted images, reflecting the appearance of intracellular methemoglobin. The data was entered into a spreadsheet and analyzed using SPSS version

The radiological dating of injuries

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    To counter this, inconsistent or inappropriate histories and co-existence of other more specific fractures can reaffirm child abuse suspicion[13]. Radiologists are now even more crucial in the identification and diagnosis of infant NAHI.

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