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Word field codes not updating

Then format the rest of the paragraph with the character style. You need a way to automate it so it's now time to look at writing some VBA code. All is, perhaps, not quite well with the world. Consider the following nested IF field used to evaluate and display information about a student. Holds attributes copied, unchanged, from the Break that originally ended the Section or, if there was no such Break, from the final Paragraph Mark of the Document.

Word field codes not updating

The first new Section the Index is set to the number of columns specified in the Field Code. If you have any problems with this web page, please first read my browser notes browser notes [link to.. A nightmare and great source of frustration as most users that want a dated document want that date to remain fixed. Unfortunately and maddeningly , the Hidden property is the only direct font formatting that the StyleRef field does pick up. If you were to do this before updating the Index, you would then have all the information saved and would just need a mechanism for putting it all back together in the right sequence after the update. In the illustration below, column 1 illustrates the formula field construction for calculating the sum of the variable in cells A2 and A3. The first inserted Break: Including the entire title will affect the formatting of the header, creating results that are at best unattractive see Figure 4. As an example, take the very long title in Figure 1: All is, perhaps, not quite well with the world. You can select a style from the dropdown list or start typing the name to invoke AutoComplete. Part of a Document showing an Index In what might appear, to the uninitiated, to be a slight deception, whether, and how obviously, Word shows these Section Breaks depends on several factors; they are, however, always clearly shown in Normal, now renamed Draft, View: When the Header and Footer information of a Section has been deleted, by deletion of the Section Break, it is no longer there and can no longer be referred to by later Sections. Consider the following nested IF field used to evaluate and display information about a student. Then format the rest of the paragraph with the character style. A Possible Solution Updating the Index Field is a single operation and no amount of understanding of the component elements of it really helps in overcoming the problem. The Field Result, including the two Section Breaks, will, as before, be deleted. A TC field containing StyleRef fields may not appear in a paragraph in any of the referenced styles; this will generate an error message. Headers and Footers of Sections are not totally independent: Two Thousand Sixteen example: It might occur to you that you could fake this by inserting some Hidden text in the existing title see Figures 7 and 8. Starts after the first inserted Break. Direct entry using function keys and the keyboard To illustrate each of these methods we will use a pair of Word fields in a document footer to display the current page number and total number of document pages. What this means for you is that if you have a heading on one page that you want picked up in the headers on subsequent pages but not on the page where it appears, you can accomplish this in one of two ways: Column 3 is shows the result of a similar formulas for calculating C2 and C3. Again, create a character style.

Word field codes not updating

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    Action must be taken both before and after the process to make sure the Headers and Footers are correctly maintained, or perhaps recovered would be a better word.

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    The next steps will show you how. The Section into which the Index has been inserted ends at the first inserted Break.

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