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Today's Most Viewed Music Videos on Youtube, 06 July 2018, #177

Youtube most viewed today not updating 2012

YouTube automatically generates system-managed reports for YouTube content owners, and content owners cannot modify or delete jobs that create those reports. Citizens play a substantial role in supplying and producing footage. Twenty-two million people on average watch the evening news on the three broadcast channels each night in the United States alone, and larger numbers watch local TV newscasts. The NCI measures the content of more than 50 news outlets. The disaster remained among the top-viewed news subjects for three straight weeks.

Youtube most viewed today not updating 2012

They are also actively sharing news videos produced by journalism professionals. And news organizations are taking advantage of citizen content and incorporating it into their journalism. Again, note that this metric only appears in two reports that are being deprecated with this update. This mix of raw and edited video, moreover, held true across content coming from news organizations and that produced by citizens. The Report characteristics section of the API overview has been updated to clarify that reports are available via the API for days from the time that they are generated. In addition, the method's documentation now lists several other reasons that cause an API request to fail. This change affects all jobs, including those created prior to this announcement. The reports will be available to content owners who can already access manually downloadable revenue reports in the YouTube Creator Studio. In addition, the company has given direct grants to a smaller group of news content producers as a further way of promoting new ideas and production models. The disaster remained among the top-viewed news subjects for three straight weeks. Similarly, the startTimeBefore parameter indicates that the API response should only contain reports if the earliest data in the report is before the specified date. Many news outlets have developed their own YouTube channels and are avidly posting content. Citizens are also responsible for posting a good deal of the videos originally produced by news outlets. After a report type is announced as deprecated, YouTube generates reports of that type for another three months. Generated reports will still be available for days from the time they were generated. Two of those reports also contain new and renamed metrics: The data pertains to views that took place on the YouTube home page or home screen, in the user's subscription feed, or in another YouTube browsing feature. The parameter's default value is false. Previously, the documentation stated that reports were available for a period of up to six months prior to the date that the API request is sent. Citizens are creating their own videos about news and posting them. The documentation has been updated to reflect the fact that the API now generates downloadable reports for days on which no data was available. As with other social media, this has multiple implications for news outlets. The job resource's expireTime property specifies the date and time that the job expired or will expire. This property contains the same value as the expireTime property in the job resource, as described in the previous item in this list. The YouTube Reporting API will soon support a set of automatically generated, system-managed reports that contain ad revenue data or YouTube Red subscription revenue data. This source differs from source type 14, which indicates that the views occurred while the video was being played as part of a playlist.

Youtube most viewed today not updating 2012

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